Welcome to the webpage of the Bujinkan Brussels – Numaya Dojo.

We are a small but dedicated training group in the heart of Europe. Three times a week lessons are given in the ancient Japanese Martial Art called Budo Taijutsu, also formerly known as ninpo taijutsu or ninjutsu. It is the art to adapt to any given situation using the most natural movement without limitations of any kind. This means the study of unarmed and armed combat ranging from kicks, locks, punches and rolls to the use of swords, sticks, throwing weapons, hidden weapons or any other conceivable weapon.

The name Numaya can be translated as Hall in the Marshes, which is the meaning of the ancient Dutch name for Brussels (Bruocsella).

Mirroring Brussels’ international nature, members of the Numaya Dojo are coming from different countries. In the same spirit of the city, people with different languages, cultures and beliefs are training together without prejudice, in a friendly manner and an ethical mindset. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun but at the same time, it is intense and serious.

If you want to find out more about our self-defense martial art, feel free to join us. The first two weeks are for free, this allows you to take the time to experience our training first hand.